Intellegent Automation

It’s a revulazide future technology which enables organizations to adopt the industrial revolution 4.0 where processes are large and complex which needs to be automated in an agile and lean fashion.

It’s an amalgamation of Process Automation + Cloud + Cognitive Capability + Intelligent OCR + Machine learning.

What should be automated?


Structure, Stable and Rule-based

Text, Number and image-based



Repetitive and High in Volume

The task involves multiple people and steps

Time-consuming steps

Basic Automation tasks

The cut, copy and paste information from one app to another

Opening/closing applications

The use of calculations and workflows

Trigger email and SMS notification

Read, extract and write data from one app to another app

Create simple business Logic with condition and loop

Why IA laveradged ?

To Adopt The future

To Automate the process with sami structure and unstructured data.

To Scala the process

To leverage the Cognitive Services e.g. Chatbot, Text To Speech, Image Processing.

Image Processing and classification

To Boost the Agility and scale of process optimisation.

For Platform agnostic solution.

To analyse the Process

Enterprise level security

How it should be Automated?






Tools we used

Automation Anywhere

Ui Path

Blue Prism

Power Automate


The benefits of Automation


Improvement in Accuracy

Improves the Customer Satisfaction

Agility to Develop and Deploy the solution.

Increase the Employe satisfaction


Creating Innovation Drive in the Organisation

Reduce the FTE

Improve the transaction cycle and turnaround times


Easy to Visualize the data and Monitor the Bots

Services We Provide

Automation Feasibility analysis

  • We support the Organisation to mine the process and identify the right automation opportunity
  • We use our patented tools and framework for feasibility analysis
  • The tool analyzes the process and prioritizes it for higher ROI

Organization readiness for Automation

  • Facilitating Cross-training in automation tools and infra support.
  • Defining SLA and Effort Estimation benchmark 
  • Helping the team to skill up and drive various innovation programs and provide support to developers and designers

Governance and COE setup

  • We assist the organization in setting up the COE for Automation
  • Defining the governance plan and automation framework for flawless delivery

Design, Development and Deploy Bots

  • Designing a robust solution that can be scaled up
  • Developing the boots following the best practices
  • Performing various tests and deploying the solution in production
  • Documentation artifacts as per business need

Post Development Support

  • Provide the production support to existing bots 
  • Executing change request
  • Monitoring support for existing live bots

Our Workflow

Intelligent Automation is sophisticated to design and develop,to design the Cognitive solution we follow the agile approach in each stage of assessing ,designing and development.   

based on our experience we have divided the process in below five stages.

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Monitor and Support