Machine Learning And AI

Artificial intelligence is a technology which enables a machine to simulate human behavior. Machine learning is a subset of AI which allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly.

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Fraud Detection



Sales and Business Forecasting

Smart Personal Assistants


Dynamic Price Optimisation

Image Recognition, Classification


Entities Recognition from Document


Text Based Automated Bots

Data We Use

Unstructured Data(Pdf,Language)

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Use Cases of ML & AI

Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition is the process of distinguishing and segmenting data according to set criteria or by common elements, which is performed by special algorithms.

Since pattern recognition enables learning per se and room for further improvement, it is one of the integral elements of machine learning technology.

Stock market forecasting – Pattern recognition is used for comparative analysis of the stock exchanges and predictions of the possible outcomes.

Audience research – Pattern recognition refers to analyzing available user data and segmenting it by selected features.

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Imagine all the things human sight allows and you can start to realize the nearly endless applications for computer vision.

Facial recognition: It is used  for police work, payment portals, security checkpoints at the airport .

Autonomous Vehicle: Computer vision is necessary to enable self-driving cars.

AI-enabled Chatbot

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically changed the business communications landscape. According to Business Insider, “80% of businesses will be using chatbots by 2020”. 

Chatbots are being used across different aspects of business and have had many proven records of success. 

Automate your web/online support:The use of chatbots to automate customer support tasks is increasing. They are not only streamlining and optimizing customer experiences at every stage in the service process but are also proving to be helpful aids to customer service representatives.

Appointment booking:Chatbots are used widely for scheduling appointments for hospitality, health care, and personal services. Bots can be connected to the calendar to offer appointment slots to your visitors so they can schedule an appointment without any need of human assistance 24×7.

Mathematical Optimization

Mathematical Optimization selects the best decision from a list of possible decisions that ensures that the specified criteria are met.

Portfolio management: what stocks should a portfolio manager pick to maximise future yield whilst staying within the fund’s prescribed level of risk (Beta) given limited funds?

Stock level management: what should the business order and when to minimise the overall cost of stock but still meet the required supply SLAs?

Doc Analytics

Document Analysis applies AI technologies to automatically extract, categorize, and provide a deep understanding of text documents, providing businesses better context and insights to improve operations and decision making. 

As 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured (text, PDF, reports, images, etc.), document analysis is key to helping organizations unlock actionable insights within this massive amount of under-utilized data.

Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment Analysis identifies and categorises emotion expressed within the text, such as news reports, social media content, reviews, etc.

Named Entity Recognition: Named Entity Recognition identifies named entity mentions within unstructured data — such as text document and classifies them into predefined categories, such as person names, organisations, locations, time expressions, percentages, medical codes, quantities etc.

Our Workflow

Managing ML products is difficult because of the complexities and uncertainties involved with the different steps. Our Roadmap for ML and AI services divides into five Phases: 

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Process Source Data
Analyze Insight of Data
Train and Validate Model
Deploy and Analyze Solution
Continuous Monitor and Manage Solution